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Pitch Fibre repairs are very common in Surrey as Pitch Fibre pipes was installed between the 1950s and 1970s and made from coal tar and wood cellulose a lightweight form of piping that was considered relatively cheap. Considering how long ago most buildings with Pitch Fibre pipes were constructed, some of these pipes have become defective. This is where we come in.

Pro Drainage Pitch Fibre Specialists are a Pitch Fibre Pipe Repair Company dedicated to solving all your Pitch Fibre Pipe issues in Surrey. As specialists in Pitch Fibre Pipe Repairs and Re-rounding, we handle Pitch Fibre Repairs, replacements, Re-rounding and all our services are tailored to suit the needs of our customers.

At Pro Drainage, we use the very best technology for our pitch fibre repairs and re-rounding so the least amount of disruption will be done to your property. We have dedicated Surrey expert engineers who will inspect your Pitch Fibre Pipes to check if they are damaged and quickly come up with the best ways to rectify whatever problem they find. To reduce disruption, our experts carry out no-dig repairs to fix your Pitch Fibre Pipes as quickly as possible.

Available at your convenience, we are one of the best-rated family run Pitch Fibre repair companies within the UK, servicing the whole of Surrey and we have a team of professional staff members solely committed to proving you with utmost satisfaction.


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Our services can be accessed 24hours a day, and they come in the following forms:

Patch lining: Here, we cover the crack or hole visible in your pitch Fibre pipes using patches. The patch is constructed using a resin-coated fiber mat, the size of the damaged area.

Brawoliner: For pipe works under a lot of pressure and those with a lot more damage than usual; we may also adopt this method.

Cured In Place Piping: We use this kind of no-dig piping when the Pitch Fibre has become extremely damaged. It involves the insertion of tubes, previously shaped to replace the deformed area of the pipe.

We also offer several other Pitch Fibre pipe work repair services, as required by our clients and here are a few reasons you should hire us:

Credible Pitch Fibre repair services: Our services are safe and 100% guaranteed. As one of the foremost Pitch Fibre repair specialists in Surrey, we recognize how important it is for clients to trust your brand, little wonder we put in our best to provide only services you can trust.

Customer satisfaction is key: We value our customers above all else, this is why we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our team of experts is trained to handle every client’s piping needs in ways which will leave them nothing short of satisfied; with all the positive feedback we have been receiving so far; we are confident you will be no different.

Time and cost efficiency: We pride ourselves on our ability to work within a stipulated timeline. Using high-end tools and technology, we handle all jobs as quickly as possible, and the quality of our service is never affected by this speed. We also offer cost-effective services so you can always get access to our services at affordable rates.