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Pitch Fibre Specialists is a family run business, established in 2015 and backed with over 20 years of industry experience and is the UK’s leading drainage expert. Based in Bournemouth and operating nationwide, we provide emergency drainage services across the whole of the UK as well as contractual services for drains where needed.

We offer a variety of pitch fibre services such as pitch fibre drain repair, pitch fibre cctv drain surveys, pitch fibre relining and pitch fibre excavation on residential and commercial properties.

We offer emergency fast response so you can always rely on us to get to you as quickly as possible!

As the UK’s leading Pitch Fibre Drains Specialists, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and delivering on our promises. You can trust us as professionals who know what we’re doing.




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Pitch Fibre Specialists
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Pitch Fibre Pipes are the most common type of drain in UK homes built between 1940 and 1970. Unfortunately, they’re also the easiest to damage or even collapse completely.

It’s a huge problem that they are made from cellulose impregnated with inert coal tar, a material that has been around for over 100 years and hasn’t changed much since then. As you can imagine, this means pitch fibre is pretty bad at handling today’s modern drainage systems and today’s increased water pressure. Previously, if your pitch fibre drains were badly damaged, there wasn’t really much you could do except replace all of the pipes leading into your property which would cost thousands of pounds.

This is where Pro Drainage comes in with a revolutionary drainage solution designed specifically for repairing broken pitch fibre drains without having to replace any pipes inside your home. By using our unique methods we’ve developed a solution that allows us to repair damaged or broken pitch fibre drain pipes with ease – saving homeowners time and money!




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Pitch Fibre Specialists

What are the Downsides to having Pitch Fibre Pipes?

  1. Pitch Fibre Pipes only have a lifespan of approximately 40 years as they are made from cheap cellulose and coal tar.
  2. Pitch Fibre Pipes can collapse at any time.
  3. Pipes made from Pitch Fibre commonly have a root ingress problem where roots enter the pipes and cause damage or collapses.

What should I do if I have Pitch Fibre Pipes?

Damaged pitch fibre drainage pipes are an issue for many homeowners. If you find yourself with these issues, there’s always the option of repairing them through relining rather than excavating and replacing those sections that have been compromised-which could take hours if not days! Our team at Pro Drainage can help with any issues you have.

Do I need a CCTV Drain Survey?

One of the simple ways to see if your drains have problems is with a CCTV Drain survey. This is a great way to determine if you have pitch fibre pipes, collapsed pipes or root ingress. Get specialist help straight away as pitch fibre issues can escalate quickly. Contact our friendly team for advice.

How are Pitch Fibre Pipes Repaired?

Depending on whether your pitch fibre drains are collapsed or damaged, will depend on what method we chose to solve the problem. Typically collapsed drains requires excavation, however this can be costly and timely. We tend to advise relining drains prior to collapse as this is a much cheaper way to help preserve the lifespan of your pitch fibre drains. We reline using no dig technology, which is non evasive and very quick to do in comparison to excavation.




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Our head office is located in Bournemouth but we cover most of the UK.

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Pitch Fibre Specialists
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